FastLane, Inc. FAQ’s

1. What is the FastLane Service?

FastLane is a comprehensive wireless service provider focused on the US wireless business market. We offer a complete suite of mobile voice and data services that have been specifically designed to serve the needs of your business.

2. Why should I buy from you instead of one the big carriers?

FastLane has been designed from the ground up to meet the wireless needs of the business, not the consumer. This is very different from the incumbent service providers who’s DNA has been to sell to and service an individual. It’s FastLane’s mission to lead a set of significant changes in the industry that businesses have long awaited.

3. What happens if you go out of business / fail to provide service?

Because FastLane has focused on building and delivering applications and support services that customers find extremely valuable, the company is already profitable. With that said, we understand that our customers are risk averse and so we have designed our service agreements such that if we fail to meet our obligations the customer is free to switch it’s mobile service at any time at no cost to the customer.

4. Does FastLane have any customers?

Yes, FastLane has customers that span numerous industries, including Technology, Legal, Financial

5. What phones do you sell?

FastLane sells a large portfolio of GSM phone from name brand manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, RIM’s Blackberry, Palm and others. This includes PDA, Smart Phones and Feature Phones. Please contact your local sales representative for a complete list of device options available.

6. Can I use the phone I already have purchased?

Yes, the FastLane service will work on any unlocked 2G / 2.5G, GSM / GPRS device. FastLane can help you determine whether your current cell phone population is locked or unlocked.

7. How is your support structured?

FastLane has a 24/7 customer care center that has been designed to serve the unique support requirements of your business.

8. Do you support Blackberry service / devices?

Yes, FastLane will support the full line of Blackberry server and handset products in 1H ‘08

9. Do you have international service?

Because FastLane is a GSM / GPRS Service Provider and has implemented a global roaming platform, we provide worldwide voice and data services to our business customers

10. Do you support new technologies? VoWLAN?

FastLane will support VoWLAN service in 2008.

11. What are your pricing models?

FastLane has tailored a competitive voice and data service offering specifically designed for businesses. Please contact your local sales representative to discuss pricing specific to your business requirements.

12. Can everyone keep their existing number?

Yes, FastLane supports the industry standard number porting process enabling business to retain and port both mobile and fixed line numbers.

13. How long will it take to get my service up and running?

Your service can be up and running immediately following your completion of the FastLane Easy Start Service Initiation document.

14. How do you bill customers?

FastLane has developed an advanced on-line billing process eliminating bulky, cumbersome paper billing process and replacing it with an intuitive web based billing process..

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