Network & Service Provisioning Center

  FastLane‚Äôs Independent Service Provisioning Center enables the company to connect to the best available network maximizing QOS and economic advantage
  This starts with multiple GSM / GPRS networks, extends to VoWLAN in the office, home and other private and municipal networked zones
  FastLane is compelled to embrace these new network types and the competitive advantage they provide
Value Added Applications

FastLane delivers a set of compelling wireless applications not available to today's wireless business user, including:
  Multiparty Conferencing
  Visual Voice Messaging
  Extension Transfer
Business Class Support

FastLane has also tailored the support mechanisms to meet the distinct needs of a business, as different from a consumer. These include:
  Real Time Web Based Billing and Reporting Application to simplify the accounting, and expense allocation process
  Handset back up and replacement process to address a business crippling, resource-intensive situation when a phone is lost, broken or stolen
  Web Based Administrative Dashboard allowing your company to define the use case parameters for different classes of users
Voice & Data Pricing & Packaging

  Domestic voice pricing that is competitive, and structured for a business entity, not a cluster of consumers
  Data plans that are tailored to why / how businesses use data (i.e. e-mail and corporate web-based applications)
  Material cost reductions via International pricing that capitalizes on the differences between US and International pricing / calling behavior
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